Based on ARM Cortex-M and RISC-V cores, we provide a rich product portfolio and comprehensive software/hardware support
GD32 General Purpose Microcontrollers

Collaborative innovation, together we create the future.

Collaborative innovation, together we create the future. GigaDevice GD32 MCU has many years of industry-leading design experience, as it has already launched a huge variety of 32bit general purpose microcontrollers, based on Arm® Cortex®-M and RISC-V cores. GigaDevice continues to empower various industry fields, providing high performance and rich in resources MCUs. All of these products are the result of the strong R&D and design capabilities of our GD32 MCU members. We always welcome new partners to join us and together to enhance the support and development ecosystem.

The spirit of innovation

Over the years we have launched more than 300 MCU models, becoming the first MCU choice among different industries. Our goal is to continue to promote innovative designs for many years!

  • Adopt Arm Cortex-m and RISC-V core designs
  • Includes GD-Link, Keil, IAR, Segger and other tools
  • Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Choose the GD32 product family that suits to your product design.

Arm Cortex-M core

  • GD32F1 & GD32F2 Series

    Cortex-M3 core

    For value, mainstream and enhanced application needs.

  • GD32F3 & GD32F4&GD32E103 Series

    Cortex-M4 core

    For value, mainstream and enhanced application needs.

  • GD32E23x Series

    Cortex-M23 core

    Entry level, great alternative for 8bit and 16bit products.

  • GD32E5 Series

    Cortex-M33 core

    For high performance, high-precision application needs.

RISC-V core

  • GD32VF103 Series

    RISC-V core

    Based on open source RISC-V ISA, suitable for mainstream applications

GD32 provides complete support for your design

GD32 is committed to provide you a complete life cycle support. You can use our software, documentation, development tools, training materials, and all the other technical support tools.